Src2Bkup2.exe Source 2 Backup using Drive Letters
for Windows 7, 8, 10 (V#-##), Windows XP (X#-##)
The free Src2Bkup2.exe program is used to backup non-system user data, such as pictures, video, files and other data. It is not intended to be a full computer backup. Normal operation is from the C drive to a Flash Drive or other Drive on the network. That Drive can then be used to restore data. The backup is fast since only new or modified files are copied after the first time. The user selects the sub-directories to backup from a directory tree display. Files may be cleaned/deleted before backing up, such as intermediate files that occur during compiling programs. The user may also delete non-matching files on the backup drive. Automatic Src2Bkup2 backups can also be scheduled using the Task Manager. Files are shown as Plain or Color by File Extension display.