Healthy Hearts

Graph your Heart Rate and Steps

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This is the brainchild of Robert L. (Bob) Siegel, owner and developer of Busy Brain Consulting, with the assistance of

This Web page allows you get intraday heart rate and steps data from your Fitbit account and display it in graphs. The graphs includes the following information:

  • Heart Rate with Color Zones and Zone Lines
  • Heart Rate Delta with Color Markers
  • LDHR Checking - Large Delta Heart Rate Changes
  • HHR Checking - High Heart Rate similar to Atrial Fibrillation (Afib)
  • LDHR/HHR Limits Lines for Normal and Exercising
  • Selectable Fitbit Heart Rate Delta Time Points
  • Selectable Independent Steps Data

Busy Brain Consulting (author) (contributor)
Obtaning Access

This is not a medical tool!

Obtaning Access


Please follow the instruction below an "OAuth 2.0 Client ID".
The Client ID is necessary to get access to your Intraday Heart Rate and Activity data. This is a one time setup.

  • 1. Login to the Fitbit developer website using your Fitbit credentials
  • 2. If you have registered previously through, Select the Manage My APPS tab at the top of the page and change to the information below. If a first time user, Select the REGISTER AN APP tab at the top of the page and enter the information below.
  • 3. Copy and Paste the following information:

    Application Name: Healthy Heartbeats

    Description: Heart Rate graphing and analysis

    Application Website:

    Organization: BusyBrainConsulting

    Organization Website:

    Terms Of Service Url:

    Privacy Policy Url:

    Select OAuth 2.0 Application Type: Personal

    Callback URL:

    Select Default Access Type: Read-Only

  • 4. Press Save
  • 5. Note the OAuth 2.0 Client ID - Copy, Save and Paste this to Client ID. client id