Fitbit Heartrate from JSON file for Windows 7, 8, 10 (V#-##), Windows XP (X#-##)
This program is Not a Medical Tool!
The free Fitbit_Heartrate_JSON program is used to download your Fitbit Heartrate Data from the Internet using your Fitbit Account. The file is created on a daily basis since it typically contains 10000 to 36000 heartrate measurements or data points. A setup dialog helps to create the save ditectory and filename and a calendar is used to select the dates for the data. All the data can then be displayed as text or as a plot. Anywhere from 1 to 32 days of data can be displayed. There are Start and Stop Time Filters to gather statistics on only a portion of the data. This is very handy to get resting heartrate just before getting out of bed. The text can be convertrd to a CSV file. The plot has zoom in and out and slide capabilities and can be saved as a BMP file. A help display shows exactly how to get access to your heartrate data using an access token since it is not currently available from the normal Fitbit download WEB site. The program now has the capability to check for Large Delta Heartrate (LDHR) and High Heart Rate (HHR) using the heartrate measurements. New easy Dialog to get Your Access Token for Heartrate Data from the Fitbit Cloud. Supports multiple users. Supports New Fitbit Zone changes on a daily basis.