X10_CM11A.exe X10 Control Software for CM11A for Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
The free X10_CM11A.exe program is used to setup a CM11A X10 Controller using a PC Serial Port or USB to Serial converter. The program was written to not use the Ring Circuit of the Serial Port which should allow all USB to Serial Port converters to work. The CM11A interfaces to the power line to control X10 modules placed throughout the home. The Dialog Boxes are used to enter commands locally to setup the CM11A. The CM11A has the ability to turn off or on any modules, brighten or dim any lamp modules, setup timed operations and setup macros where a single command operates multiple modules in any order with any function. The program also monitors the Internet and if down, can send commands to modules that can be used to reset the Internet connection device.The CM11A counts days from January first as day zero and concludes with December 31 for a leap year, and then starts over. The X10_CM11A software supports yearly functions and will reload the CM11A automatically when the program is started in a new year to maintain the correct date and time. 
New features include Sun Times (Dawn/Sunrise/Sunset/Dusk) selections and Security Mode and Latitude and Longitude selections by World Wide Cities. Sun Times specified for more than 1 day are automatically sectioned into multiple timers of up to 100. There is a "Simple" mode that hides the GUI and does the input command and then exits, useful for batch and Alexa HA-Bridge commands.